February 3, 2023
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Part 13 : Index

Code of Federal Regulations
Title 47, Telecommunication Part 13--Commercial Radio Operators

13.1 Basis and purpose.
13.3 Definitions.
13.5 Licensed commercial radio operator required.
13.7 Classification of operator licenses and endorsements.
13.8 Authority conveyed.
13.9 Eligibility and application for new license or endorsement.
13.10 Licensee Address
13.11 Holding more than one commercial radio operator license.
13.13 Application for a renewed or modified license.
13.15 License term.
13.17 Replacement license.
13.19 Operator's responsibility.
Examination System
13.201 Qualifying for a commercial operator license or endorsement.
13.203 Examination elements.
13.207 Preparing an examination.
13.209 Examination procedures.
13.211 Commercial radio operator license examination.
13.213 COLEM qualifications.
13.215 Question pools.
13.217 Records.
1.913 Application forms; electronic and manual filing
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