NRE : COLEM System

The COLE (Commercial Operator License Examination) System exam procedure is a two-step process:

1.) The COLEM (or its delegated examiners) collects an exam fee, administers the appropriate examinations and issues a Proof-of-Passing Certificate (PPC).  It documents examination element credit for a period of 365 days.

2.)  Other credit documents may be either a commercial and/or an amateur radio operator license. The COLEM may act as the filing agent for the applicant. NRE has adopted this procedure since it permits the organization to file applicant applications electronically directly into the FCC's computer thereby greatly speeding up license delivery.

Successful completion of one or more of eleven different examination elements are required to obtain the General Radiotelephone Operator license (GROL),  Radiotelegraph Operator licenses and various other permits, licenses and endorsements.